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An Introduction to Natural Health


James Minckler unexpectedly passed away September 10th 2016 and moved onto the next adventure of his spiritual journey. James was born on March 15, 1940, in Helena, to Lawrence and Edna Minckler.He had no fear of dying and was always ready to go on his next adventure. James lead an amazing life full of adventures during which he authored several books including “Energy Balancing for Natural Health”. James was a lover of many things including music, fun in any form, movies, books, art and dancing to the beat of his own drummer.

During his life he met and married his soul mate Linda Minckler. They met in 1983 and taught together for many years. Together they traveled the world sharing Energy Balancing and working on countless clients for over 40 years.

James left behind a legacy of spiritual teachings to help all of mankind that touched too many lives to count. James dedicated his life to spreading love and light to everyone through Energy Balancing.

James leaves more than Energy Balancing as a legacy. He leaves behind three sons, his wife, one brother and sisters, grandchildren, beloved mother Edna, other family members, too many friends to count, and his clients, but most of all he leaves us with a little more Joy, Peace, Love and Fun in our every day life.

James left behind two people who he personally trained for decades to continue sharing Energy Balancing.

Energy Balancing will continue to be shared by Linda Minckler and Brandon Hawk.

Keep Shining